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As visiting CMO we help our clients to turn their marketing challenges into a success while working side by side as their outsourced professional partner.


Profee was founded in 2016 by experienced marketing practitioner Maris Kaer who has worked in marketing roles for several different organisations. 

After finishing her master studies in Estonia and France, Maris worked in various marketing roles for several different organizations. Fields varied from IT to tourism and education. She experienced that often it is more effective to solve marketing challenges by bringing in some fresh air via expert outside the organization in order to feed the growth.

What started out as a small scale freelancer test run quickly turned into a professional visiting CMO service. It became clear that there is a strong need for that type of service in the market.

Profee prides itself on having a strong team and back-office which means by hiring one you get the brainpower of many.

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We love to bring value to the table as a marketing advisor, but we also appreciate being part of your team. We aim high in the strategic planning phase, but also enjoy leading projects and bringing the ideas into reality in order to see the actual results.

Marketing Manager as a Service

From creative planning to budgeting, executing plans and post-campaign analysis- we offer full scope of marketing

Marketing strategy

Either independently or together with the marketing manager and/or team we create full strategy alongside with complete action plan or in some cases just fill some gaps with a fresh perspective

Project management

We analyse the existing marketing plan, make suggestions for improvement, bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the table and take responsibility for going live with the action plan

Brainstorming & outsourced advisor

You can hire us as a contracted advisor to the C level giving feedback and fresh perspective for the existing strategy or in some cases participating as a guest in the brainstorm sessions


Maigi Peeduli

CEO, Infovara

"Maris is truly professional, hard-working goal-oriented person and - most important - has also very friendly and lovely personality and is therefore pure pleasure to be around with."​

Kristel Ots

UX/UI design expert, SNABB, ex-Speero

“Maris is a brilliant marketing professional with extensive experience in the field. She is very hands-on, thorough, and always sees the bigger picture.”

Aldar Reinbek

Founder & CEO, Acty

“Maris's energy and positivity are contagious, in addition to extremely strong competence in marketing and a strategic view. I am glad to work with you!”

Anni Metstak

Executive Education Marketing Manager, Estonian Business School

"It was exactly what I expected and more. Argumentative sparring partner, whose previous experience and ability to understand different methods helped to choose a tool at the right moment that supported both the fulfillment of the campaign's goals and the spread of the company's messages. I recommend contacting Maris and Profee in any case; even if you don't know exactly what to do and how to do it, because with expert questions the core becomes clear quite quickly!"

Piret Sepp

CEO, board member Rae Golf, White Beach Golf

"Maris is result and solution oriented person with concrete and professional attitude. You can give Maris the goals you want to achieve, and she will suggest the path to those goals. She offers functional solutions within the budget. If she can’t guarantee the result with the given budget, she will make her proposal about the investment that needs to be done into marketing. Maris is a good partner for achieving larger business goals and an excellent project manager."

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